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Watching Glory Die

A riveting yet deeply compassionate portrait of three women – Glory, a chronically disturbed young offender; Rosalee, the girl’s mother; and Gail, a prison guard – inextricably linked by shared helplessness in the face of tragedy. Inspired by the true story of New Brunswick teen Ashley Smith

written by Judith Thompson

Atlantic Canadian Premiere
Mulgrave Road Theatre Loft

The Bus Stop Theatre | Halifax
St. John Theatre Company | New Brunswick
Theatre New Brunswick | Fredericton

Blyth Theatre Festival | Ontario
Sarasvati Theatre Festival | Manitoba


Director Emmy Alcorn
Cast Stephanie MacDonald
Stage Manager Ingrid Risk | Sarah O’Brien
Set Designer Tanner Welsh
Lighting Designer Ingrid Risk
Sound Designer Steven Naylor
Photography Dave Risk

a girl, a guard, a mother… a disturbing but unforgettable theatrical experience.