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The West Woods

A young Black woman finds her own way in the world. Set in 1968, The West Woods is a new play inspired by a rural Black community in Guysborough County during a time of social change and upheaval. It focuses on the Clarke Family, and challenges the traditional roles of the rural Black woman.

written by Tara Reddick

CPPC | Guysborough

Eastern Front Theatre | Stages Festival
Province-wide tour | Nova Scotia
National Arts Centre | Canada Scene | Ottawa

Micha Cromwell

Director Emmy Alcorn
Dramaturge Don Hannah
Cast (premiere) Fay Cromwell : Micha Cromwell : Tara Reddick : Nathan Simmons
Cast (touring) Micha Cromwell : Mariah Inger : Alexandra Laferrière : Nathan Simmons
Stage Manager June Zinck | Sylvia Bell
Set/Costume Designer D’Arcy Poultney
Lighting/Sound Designer Garrett Barker
Production Assistant Olivia McGinn



This project is close to my heart because it gives life to what my family and community have gone through and it gives a human face to our struggles as individuals.
Tara Reddick | Playwright

THE WEST WOODS was commissioned and developed at Mulgrave Road Theatre through their artist-in-residence program. Assistance was also provided by Obsidian Theatre (Toronto), Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre and Arts Nova Scotia.