Mulgrave Road Theatre | About Us
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New Canadian plays


Shared experiences


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Who We Are

Established in 1976, Mulgrave Road Theatre produces and develops professional works of theatre that spring from the cultural context of Atlantic Canada, and that reverberate with an excellence that prompt subsequent productions elsewhere.

Artistic Director

Emmy Alcorn

Emmy is in her 19th year at MRT, where she develops and produces compelling new plays, making a vital contribution to Canadian theatre.


Sherry McGee

Sherry has been administrator at MRT since 2009; it is her role to ensure everything runs efficiently on the business side of things.

Consulting Artist

Daniel MacIvor

Internationally renowned Cape Breton playwright / director / actor / filmmaker. Author of Marion Bridge, How It Works, Was Spring, Bingo! and Small Things

Based in Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Mulgrave Road Theatre produces and develops professional works of theatre, and fosters artistic and cultural experiences for its community.


In the pursuit of this mission, Mulgrave Road Theatre:

  • creates and interprets professional theatre from the vantage point of rural Nova Scotia
  • provides a space for artistic collaboration and synergy
  • tours select productions to a wide audience
  • explores partnerships and opportunities that connect MRT with its community
  • will operate a creative space that fully supports the needs of a professional theatre company.

Committed to equity and inclusion, and an environment where diversity is welcomed, fostered, and celebrated, Mulgrave Road Theatre is guided by the following values:


  • the pursuit of artistic excellence in the creation and production of professional theatre
  • respectful relationships amongst staff, board, and community stakeholders
  • integrity in all operations, including proper stewardship of organizational resources
  • recognition of the spectrum of cultural expression across disciplines and community interests

Board of Directors

Mary K. Connolly | Chair

Anne Nagel | Treasurer

Deanna Henry | Secretary

Members at Large | Dr. Barb Bell ~ Heather Manuel ~ Elaine Shanks ~ Edith Walker ~ Mary Wright