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Generations Dance Club

Mulgrave Road Theatre is currently running our third seniors engagement project: Generations Dance Club. An intergenerational project, the Dance Club brings seniors and the community together in weekly sessions to participate in dance and self-expression: promoting creativity and happiness, mental and physical wellbeing and social engagement.


An Ordinary Afternoon (in 1974)

a new play by Daniel MacIvor

Spring 2019

directed by Emmy Alcorn
starring Burgandy Code + Caroline Gillis

On the surface this play is a simple dialogue between two friends who are both dealing with the ends of their marriages.
But as we listen to what’s not being said we realize how much is at stake for each of them,
how their friendship has transformed and how extraordinary this afternoon really is.

May 8-10  Upstairs at MRT
May 11  Bauer Theatre, Antigonish

Emmy Alcorn Brings Black-Canadian Stories to the Forefront in The West Woods

Kat Walcott
July 06, 2017

Canada Scene continues to showcase different Canadian stories, talents and experiences this weekend with its special presentation of Nova Scotia-based Mulgrave Road Theatre’s critically acclaimed play The West Woods. The play, set in rural Nova Scotia in 1968, focuses on the life and struggles of a Black Nova Scotian family during an era where racism and sexism was still rampant, but social change was on the horizon.

Ottawa Life had the chance to chat with Mulgrave Road Theatre’s artistic director, and the director of The West Woods, Emmy Alcorn before the play’s big Ottawa premiere this Friday.



With support from Arts Nova Scotia, we invited artists to Guysborough to embark on a journey to where their work might intersect.

Two songwriters, a portrait artist, a writer/performer and an animateur.

In their words…